About Us


Banco Garantia was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Jorge Paulo Lemann in the 1970s. It is one of the top banks in Brazil and has branches scattered around the country and holds the largest market share in private and investment banking in Brazil.

It was acquired by Credit Suisse in 1998 and now operates under the name "Banco de Investimentos Credit Suisse"


Quintessential Service

With an in-depth understanding of the world you move in, Banco Garantia provides modern banking underpinned by a renowned tradition of service

Unpararelled Finance Management

We offer you choice and flexibility in managing your finances, while preserving the personal touch and accessibility you expect from Banco Garantia.

Professional Expertise

With a deep understanding of the links between our clients’ personal and professional lives, Garantia private bankers offer expertise across a range of sophisticated financial solutions.